ThinC-COMPUTE  is a USB (Universal Serial Bus) based external data storage device (Pen Drive / Flash Drive) with built-in fingerprint biometric security and military grade encryption. ThinC-COMPUTE  protects the data with the hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption, the keys for encryption gets generated and stored in devices Secure Element. By using a secure element in ThinC-COMPUTE  provides an additional layer of security and increases the level of protection for encrypted data stored on the device.

ThinC enhances and establishes an authentic access control to the device using fingerprint-based biometric security. This touch-based sensor is exceptionally responsive; ThinC-COMPUTE uses hardware to match enrolled fingerprint and unlocking device.

ThinC-COMPUTE  base hardware is derived from ThinC-VAULT. ThinC-COMPUTE  device is a bootable secure hardware USB media with Ensurity customized operating system along with basic utility applications. ThinC-COMPUTE  features include protected OS, verified applications, Identity, Encrypted communications, Encrypted storage. ThinC-COMPUTE  operates its OS in a read-only mode restraining any potential infections viz virus / Malware / Trojan, tracking cookies, remote device fingerprinting to a given session.

The download-able complementary standalone management tool is available with each device, for managing the device/s, and fingerprint enrollment. The device has a robust metallic casing, and designed for long-term persistent performance even after multiple time USB use cycles (Plug-in-Plug out).