ThinC-AUTH is a secure USB device to address primarily the needs of authentication. The device hardware is designed, developed and realised with "Security" as core and is built using trusted embedded hardware components. ThinC-AUTH generates and protects the keys, certificates, tokens and user information with the hardware-based secure elements. By using a secure element in ThinC-AUTH provides an additional layer of security and increases the level of protection for encrypted data stored on the device.

ThinC-AUTH devices are built with state-of-the-art biometric touch/ swipe sensor leading OEM. Biometrics fingerprints obtained from sensor is completely encrypted and securely stored. ThinC enhances and establishes an authentic access control to the device using fingerprint-based biometric security. This touch-based sensor is exceptionally responsive; ThinC-AUTH uses hardware to match enrolled fingerprint, unlocking device and securely authenticate using FIDO2.

The secure chip sets and highly sophisticated hardware technology accelerates & processes FIDO2 authentication quickly. Fast touch biometric engine quickly matches & recognise enrolled fingerprints to unlock ThinC. Fingerprints and digital identity remain private on device and protected by advanced encryption. ThinC-AUTH complies to FIDO2 (Fast IDentity Online 2), allowing authenticator function to incredibly large number of applications.

The complementary standalone management tool that can be downloaded online is available with each device, for managing the device/s, and fingerprint enrollment. The device has a robust metallic casing, and is designed for long-term persistent performance even after multiple time USB use cycles (Plug-in-Plug out). and is certified for FCC / CE standards

ThinC-FIDO2/U2F has been renamed as ThinC-AUTH.