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With companies expanding their businesses not just within the country but also globally, it is imperative that remote working culture is promoted by them to grow, develop and keep the cost of resources low. The wave of technological advancement, digitalization, and new age communication tools have ensured that professionals can work from home, cafe or any other remote location which is outside of one’s office environment.

Applications like video conferencing, instant chat groups, webinars and virtual conferences have indeed made lives more comfortable for the professionals to work remotely but are also a significant threat to the enterprise’s data security. The systems of such employees who access the organization’s data, including proprietary algorithms, from outside the office environment are vulnerable to hackers all the time. Interestingly most of the time the users or employees are unaware of the risks that they are exposed to while working outside the office. Notably, these risks are manifold when they work in public places like cafes, airports, hotels, metro stations, etc.

These cyber security risks can mean millions of dollars of business losses, breach of customer trust and data leakage. Hence the need for advanced security disciplines and use of next-generation tools like the ThinC range of USB Devices. A remote worker accesses, stores, and works on the enterprise data in the cleanest digital environment using these USB devices that are super secure and easy to carry.

These new age USB devices have on-board biometric authentication, encrypted storage, and highly secure access features and support multiple functionalities. ThinC range of USB devices are also FIDO compliant. So next time when you allow remote work, do consider providing the easiest, cost-effective and yet the most secure USB device like ThinC to your employees.

By Ensurity Technologies
The Makers of ThinC brand of USB Devices

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